Norchem’s vertical bowl centrifuges are the most cost-effective and reliable fully automated centrifuges for wastewater and process water markets. Owed to an advanced design, this centrifuge uses less electricity to separate the same amount of solids at the same parts per million as the competing centrifuge. Even more, it does not require polymer conditioning to aid in the separation of finer feed stream particulates. These systems range in size from 15 (gpm), 25 gpm, and 50 (gpm). Each unit is remapped with Norchem’s software and process controls to suit individual client requirements.

To ensure performance and efficiency, each unit incorporates a special self-cleaning design that keeps the bowl free of sludge buildup overtime. For long-term durability, the screw blade, bowl, accelerator, drive shaft, and housing are constructed entirely of corrosion resistant stainless steel. This is necessary when separating abrasive or viscous materials such as oil, carbide, animal fats, aluminum, and other materials from effluent and process feed streams.  These systems can be integrated with other treatment equipment to optimize the water treatment process.

  • Cleaning procedure requires no operator intervention
  • Pre-programmed to effectively handle various feed stream viscosity’s
  • Ideal for high bulk separation and fluid turnover rates
  • Reduced labor and maintenance costs of operation
  • Higher throughput capacity reduces number of machines required
  • Smaller carbon footprint than competing centrifuges
  • Uses less power than continuous decanter centrifuges
  • Does not require polymer conditioning for feed streams containing low solid loading
  • Manufactured and tested in the United States
  • 304 SS rotor, scraper, and bearing housing
  • Feed pump specifications based on process requirements
  • Pump motor starter included
  • All 3 phase power configurations available
  • 5 HP drive motor, 1 HP gear motor

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