Norchem UltaPure-SI

The UltraPure-SI™ is an innovative water filtration system engineered to maximize waste water recycling and treatment efficiency while lowering your water and utility costs. Constructed of highly durable, corrosion resistant stainless-steel, the system uses stacked submersible flat sheet membranes made of silicon carbide to run outside-in filtration, filtering BOD’s, COD’s, TSS, Microorganisms, Coagulants, Silt, Algae, Oil, and much more. The membranes have high chemical and temperature resistance, with longer operating cycles in waste water and minimal backwashing.

Recovering up to 80% of water and up 80% of energy, the UltraPure-SI™ is an effective and robust solution to decreasing water and utility costs. The system consistently and reliably delivers high quality filtered water while recovering energy, making it ideal for laundries, car washes, metal finishers, and other significant water users looking to affordably and efficiently recycle water and increase savings.

  • Innovative outside-in Filtration

  • Silicon Carbide Flat sheet Membranes

  • Corrosion resistant & highly durable stainless-steel construction

  • Highly compact, submersible, stackable system

  • Intuitive touch-screen PC interface

  • High chemical, temperature, and ozone resistance

  • Easy to handle and install, minimal system footprint

  • High flux rates, minimal bio-fouling

  • Long service life (> 10 years)

  • Lower energy consumption, less maintenance

  • Manufactured and tested in the United States

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