ClearStarch Starch Cooker

Norchem’s ClearStarch™ system cooks unmodified corn, potato, and wheat starch into entirely clear liquid starch before it is dispensed to ensure the starch evenly adheres to your linen. Our team of engineers design these systems to maximize starch consumption efficiency through sophisticated software that monitors and verifies cooking temperatures and dosages. Once the temperature is satisfied, the starch is injected directly into the designated washers calling for starch. The starch is cooked within an enclosed, stainless steel cylinder until it reaches a set temperature verified by the system. Each system is configured to your load weights to offer the best finish and feel on synthetic and cotton textiles.

  • Enhances textile body and feel
  • Sustains the cleanliness of ironer covers
  • Minimizes reject at finishing equipment
  • Lowers starch costs, BOD in the sewer, and sewer surcharges
  • Minimizes fabric wrinkling
  • Manufactured and tested in the United States
  • Fully automated enclosed cooker and delivery system
  • Intuitive touchscreen PC interface
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel construction
  • Manufactured and tested in California

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