utility information system

NorVision utility information system improves operational efficiency in three steps: measure, analyze, and optimize. Through a central robust touchscreen HMI dashboard, NorVision will make it easy to drive down your utility costs by gathering real time utility data from your equipment and generating a customized report that your team understands. NorVision can manage everything from water and gas usage to temperature fluctuations. Our technical support staff partners with your management team during and after implementation to coach them on how to capitalize on the utility data metrics they receive. No plant configuration is a problem. NorVision can optimize them all.

  • Completely does away with manual data collection
  • Multi-Site integration capabilities
  • Full Scalability and Customization
  • Uses actual utility costs
  • Sends a notification anytime the collection points being monitored fall outside of the preset parameters
  • Technical support to help you investigate data point deviations
  • Manufactured and tested in the United States
  • Central touchscreen dashboard display
  • Real time/historical feedback and reporting of all data collection points
  • Utility parameter data is cross-referenced with production metrics to improve utility and production efficiency benchmarks
  • Operator can closely monitor utilities and equipment performance by setting operational parameters in the program

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