production information system

NorVision optimizes workflow efficiency in three steps: measure, analyze, and optimize. Through a robust central touchscreen HMI dashboard, NorVision will report and analyze your labor efficiencies. Individual login stations collect employee information, equipment type, and item classification to measure real-time performance against industry and company standards. Monitors overlooking the production floor  inform employees of their performance by displaying productivity percentages. NorVision can be programmed to suit all productivity goals and can suit any management style.

  • Calculates real-time/historical data analytics to help increase productivity
  • Overhead dashboard displays employee names and productivity percentages at each workstation
  • RFID or passcode login options
  • Real time operator feedback
  • Real time management reporting
  • Reports data on item type, employee, equipment, and sets them against company standards
  • Programmed and tested in the United States
  • Scalable system that can be applied to entire workforce or various sub-groups.
  • Multi-site integration capabilities
  • Automates work measurement
  • Compatible with all equipment and/or processes
  • Instantly notifies you when production numbers fall outside objective scope
  • Fully customizable

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