The NorFlow-OP is the latest technology for automated laundry chemical delivery. The system is easy and ready to use upon installation, and the most reliable and low maintenance system in the industry.

Each system comes with a PLC logic controller and a touch screen to simplify the programming process for wash formulas and chemical volumes. Best of all, the pumps feature variable injection capabilities for multi-volume injections. 

The system ensures a seamless, low-cost operation. It does not use peristaltic rubber tubing pumps and diaphragms in its design, commonly known to deform, cause a loss of accuracy of injections, and waste chemical product. NorFlow dispensers are designed not only to improve efficiency of operation but also eliminate excessive and unnecessary costs due to faulty engineering through their dependable, high-quality construction.

  • Small, compact design

  • Wall-mounted

  • Reliable and accurate all-electric pump

  • Up to 6 chemicals per pump unit

  • Built in touch screen; PLC

  • Manual prime for each chemical

  • Two-year guarantee

  • Smaller footprint means more efficient use of floor space
  • Longer service life

  • Minimizes probability of leaks

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