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The Norchem DAF system utilizes a revolutionary U-shaped self-cleaning design that prevents sunken solids from collecting at the bottom of the tank. Each system is engineered to manage greater contaminant loading, reduce sludge volume, meet the most stringent sewer discharge regulations, and improve flocculation.

It is an effective and efficient wastewater treatment process that effectively lowers total suspended solidsĀ (TSS), fats, oils, greases, BOD, COD, and metal concentrations. Each DAF system utilizes one of our modified DAF recirculation pumps that generate ultrafine microscopic bubbles to produce not just a coagulant, but also a load bearing flocculent without the need for an aeration chamber. These flocculants rise to the surface where they are skimmed off the top into our solids chamber. We custom build each of these systems per individual customer requirements. Additional components such as inspection access, odor containment covers, and pH adjustment can be included based on customer request.

  • Improved flocculent contact
  • Eliminates need for sludge auger on tank floor
  • Less maintenance than standard DAF systems
  • Higher organic loading capabilities
  • Meets stringent discharge regulations
  • Eliminates need for aeration chamber
  • Manufactured and tested in the United States
  • NorchemĀ self priming VFD driven white water recirculation pump
  • Level, pressure, pH, and temperature monitored by built in microprocessor controls
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel construction, intake and discharge pumps
  • Innovative contact piping design improves flocculent contact
  • Advanced tank design prevents sludge build up
  • Built and tested in the United States
  • Low maintenance stainless steel skimmer
  • Flow rates range per application
  • Touchscreen HMI interface
  • BOD up to 85%
  • Emulsified FOG (fats, oils, grease) up to 99%
  • TSS up to 99%
  • Heavy Metals up to 95%
  • COD up to 80%

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