Equipment Controller 1

Retrofitting your existing washing equipment with NorQuest controllers will provide your operators with intuitive access to wash poundage, product type, and formula times to help bolster your production efficiency. Comprised of the latest PLC technology and smart programming, these controllers add flexibility and transparency to your washing parameters.  Each unit is entirely enclosed in stainless steel for water resistance and is custom designed  to your equipment’s specifications. They are compatible with any product dispensing system and can be interfaced directly with NorFlow-Win.


NorQuest is available in series 3000 with standard keypad and series 6000 with and 8” touchscreen HMI.

  • Optimizes production efficiency
  • Multiple injection capabilities per wash step
  • Improves equipment reliability
  • Production data transparency, security, and flexibility
  • Compatible with many equipment manufacturers
  • Programmed and tested in the United States
  • Step timer in increments of one second
  • Digital transducer for water level and temperature controller
  • Water resistant keypad
  • Graphical display of equipment diagnostics
  • Power failure memory retention
  • Can store up to 99 formulas
  • Load weight and water level monitoring for laundry equipment

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