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Minimize Cost and Maximize Quality with Norchem’s Wash Chemical Programs

A lot of laundry experts claim their chemical programs can cut your operating costs and improve your quality. Here at Norchem, we deliver on this claim with our cutting edge automated dispensing technology, unparalleled technical support & service, and eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Our wash formulas are designed and executed with three objectives: fabric longevity, utility conservation, and most importantly product quality.

Where our customer experience value:

  • Optimized tunnel washroom performance
  • Enhanced fabric tensile strength and softness
  • Minimized equipment corrosion
  • Lowered stain factor
  • Minimized static on synthetic fibers
  • Compliance with environmental and safety codes
  • Lowered water and heating expenses
  • Hygienically clean textiles
  • Streamlined productivity
  • Minimized lint production
  • Improved production safety


Norchem’s healthcare program is designed to deliver a brighter, hygienically clean finished product with the safest chemistry. To minimize risk of post-cross contamination and control product quality, we offer ATP and microbiological testing for bacteria detection and cleaning efficacy as part of our service.

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Food & Beverage

Our innovative low-alkali formulas achieve maximum stain removal from the toughest FOG soils at much lower bleaching temperatures to deliver you a better quality-finished good. Benefits include slashed water & heating expenses, exceptional whiteness, minimized fabric damage, and a better-balanced wastewater pH. Effective for both synthetic and cotton textiles.

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Norchem’s low temperature formulas and environmentally sustainable chemistry are developed to deliver exceptional fabric whiteness and brightness with reduced utility costs and shorter formula times. Fabrics come out whiter, brighter, and softer while maintaining consistent clean quality.

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When laundering industrial textiles that carry the toughest soils, it’s critical to balance chemical usage and production efficiency when aiming for optimal cleaning performance. After a thorough assessment of your production floor, we implement wash formulas that are tailored to achieve this balance by lowering wash temperatures, cutting formula times, and using green sustainable chemistry. Our newly developed alkali contains a lower pH than any of the leading alkali products on the market, helping you stay in compliance with the most stringent of discharge limitations. Formulas are proven to thoroughly clean inker towels, shop towels, and workplace uniforms.

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We partner with your laundry facility to ensure that your guests receive the finest quality of linen. Our eco-friendly solutions are made to be gentler on  fabrics to help minimize your linen replacement costs. Textiles come out whiter, brighter, and softer while maintaining consistent hygienically clean quality.

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