NorFlow Win

The NorFlow-Win is designed and engineered by Norchem to be the most reliable, fully automated liquid dispensing technology for laundries that operate with the highest quality standards and smallest margin of error. NorFlow-Win’s robust stainless steel construction provides better work place safety and a longer service life. Its touchscreen HMI interface gives the operator easy access to specific production data as well as a view of the entire production floor. By partnering with conventional and tunnel washer manufacturers, Norchem engineers have optimized the production process by designing injection configurations to reduce water, energy, and chemical usage. NorFlow-Win is available in two versions: G3 for conventional washrooms and G4 for tunnel washrooms. This technology is also applicable to other industries that require product delivery automation for their production floor.

  • VFD driven self-priming positive displacement chemical pumps for commercial applications
  • Intuitive touchscreen PC dashboard HMI (human machine interface) displays real time wash floor production data and dispensing functions
  • Remote connectivity via laptop and smart phone
  • Dedicated flow meters for each delivery line
  • Stainless steel hard piped suction and discharge lines for commercial applications
  • Manufactured and tested in the United States
  • Injects product by volume or time
  • Proof of product delivery
  • Smaller footprint means more efficient use of floor space
  • Generate custom reports
  • Minimizes probability of leaks
  • Eliminates need for day tanks in commercial applications
  • Improved work place safety
  • Longer service life

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