Norchem Wins Most Valuable Pollution Prevention Award

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Norchem Corp. executives Angie Kalayjian and Kevin Minissian recently traveled to Washington, DC, to pick up their 2013 MVP2 (Most Valuable Pollution Prevention Award) at the DC offices of the National Pollution Prevention Roundtable.

The award was given in recognition of Norchem’s Ultrapure Water Recycling System, which is now in use in various commercial laundries across the United States.

After a Sept. 18 awards ceremony at the Roundtable’s headquarters, the Norchem team and other award winners visited their respective elected officials on Capitol Hill. Since Norchem is based in Los Angeles, Kalayjian and Minissian visited the office of Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA). The visits were part of an outreach effort on behalf of the Roundtable as well as by companies like Norchem to promote “green” solutions to various pollution issues, such as the need for improved wastewater treatment.

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