Hear what people are saying about Norchem.

“We have had the Norchem Ultrapure System in our plant for over 7 years now. From the beginning our facility has not only achieved considerable cost savings in water, but in natural gas and sewer charges as well. The system is allowing us to reuse approximately 40% of the fresh water brought in daily. And since we are filtering our dirtiest water (Break, Suds, Carry Over) we are returning a large amount of energy as well. The difference is well over 30 degrees (Tempered water temperature vs. Reuse water temperature). This is a considerable amount when taking into account the cost of natural gas and what it takes to heat water just one degree. And lastly, to be quite honest, a reduction in our effluent was not something we had thought much about during the pre-planning process. However, almost immediately we saw drastic reductions in BOD, TSS, and Oil/Greases. The effect of course was a substantial reduction in the amount we paid each quarter in terms of surcharges. In closing, we are very pleased with our decision to purchase this equipment. We recommend it to those who wish to improve their bottom line by lowering their overall operating costs.”

Angel Garcia, Operations Manager
Morgan Services Los Angeles

“We installed the Ultrapure System in order to comply with our POTW’s local limits. Belmont is a mixed plant and it is difficult to deal with all the types of wastewater. Norchem offered a complete system, from the beginning to the end. We are very happy with our choice. Since the installation of the Ultrapure system, we have complied with the local limits and have been able to recycle over 80 percent of our water. There is a tremendous savings in natural gas too.

I received a call from our engineer at 6:00 am on March 18, 2009. He said that there had been a major 24 inch water main break in the city and there was no water pressure anywhere in the city, surrounding towns, and the plant. He asked what I would like him to do? I thought for a moment and said “Start up the plant as usual.” Thanks to the Norchem Ultrapure System, we were able to operate as usual for hours without missing a beat because we had 4,000 gallons of recycled water stored from our UltraPure system.

This system works!”

Bob Samble, Owner
Belmont Laundry

“We recently installed Norchem’s UltraPure water filtration & recycling technology to combat our high water and sewer costs, which have steadily been on the rise. Before the installation we ran about 1.7- 2 gallons per pound. After start up, we average 0.3-0.4 gallons per pound. We wanted to select a proven technology that had pedigree in applications that dealt with heavy soil such as FOG. This system delivered quality water to our wash floor without the need for Reverse Osmosis, which kept its operational costs down. We were impressed by the professionalism of the installation team and the zero down time for production. We have seen substantial savings in water, sewer, gas, and chemistry.”                                                       

Mark Rawlinson, President
New System Laundry