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What will a partnership with Norchem mean for me?
It means you will be partnered with an award winning and industry leading clean technology firm that has pioneered groundbreaking innovations in water purification, water recycling, and cold-water wash chemistry. Our emphasis on R&D and proactive problem solving provide the driving force for our versatile green technologies. The value we bring to our clients is realized in the form of time saved, money saved, and environment saved.

What regions do you service?
We currently service throughout United States, Mexico, and Canada.

Have you worked with government and/or municipal agencies?
Yes, Norchem has worked on projects with state, federal, and municipal agencies.

What does a consultation include?
A consultation includes an in-depth 30 minute phone call followed by a survey form. Upon completion of the survey form, a Norchem representative will determine a solution based on the information provided. On-site visits will be scheduled if our representative deems the information in the survey form to be insufficient to propose a solution and if the customer site is within reasonable proximity of our representative’s location.

Do you offer financing for equipment?
Norchem offers leasing options for equipment purchases upon customer request.

Do you offer 24/7 phone support?
Yes, we have an emergency hotline for after hours support.

Chemical Solutions

Where do you make your chemicals?
We manufacture our chemicals out of our headquarters in Los Angeles, CA and our secondary facility in Chicago, IL.

How do I know which chemical program is right for my company?
We offer free consultations where our industry specialists go through your operation evaluating quality, utility usage, production practices, and more to determine which chemical program is right for your company.

How do you manage vendor transitions so as to minimize production downtime?
The entire implementation process is pre-planned using our comprehensive plant survey form. A Norchem representative works with your production team to ensure the information is accurate so we can schedule a transition date. A Norchem team is brought in over the weekend, does all the piping, wiring, and gets the plant up and running by Monday. If you are a 24/7 shop, our engineers wire and program one washer at a time to ensure the plant experiences no downtime.

What sets Norchem apart from other chemical vendors?
Norchem invests a lot more time and money into each customer than the leading competitor by providing stainless steel components and piping with each chemical injection system that comes complimentary as part of our chemical programs. Our software consists of the latest reporting and tracking technologies to offer you a transparent and secure view of your plant operations. We were the pioneers of the NPE/APE free detergent and continue to maintain that commitment to environmentally safe products without compromising wash quality. We train each Norchem representative from the start to understand above and beyond what happens not just in the washroom, but how different aspects of the operation lead to quality problem or production inefficiency.

Water Technologies

How do I know if water recycling is the right decision for my facility?
We offer free consultations to determine the appropriate technology for your facility. Our engineers conduct a thorough assessment of your operation to propose the most accurate and efficient solutions, giving you the best return on your capital investment.

Where do you make your water technology?
All water technologies are proudly designed and manufactured out of our Los Angeles headquarters.

What type of water treatment and/or filtration do you specialize in?
Our core focus is cross-flow ceramic membrane filtration, however we offer other turnkey water treatment solutions depending on the needs of the client and the characteristics of their water.

Why is it important to invest in water reclamation technology?
Industries throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico are facing major increases in water costs and wastewater discharge costs. This coupled with the fact that cities are tightening their grip on discharge compliance makes it ever more important to invest in technologies that can help you not only survive these nonviable conditions, but prosper in them. By installing a water system that recovers a valuable resource, your company will be able to significantly reduce its sewer discharge fees and reduce it’s dependency on incoming water by removing effluent contaminates and recycling a large portion of your water volume.

What is the typical Return on Investment (ROI) from a water reclamation system and how do you calculate it?
The return on investment depends on several indicators and is different for each of our customers including where the facility is located, its utility usage, costs for sewer and water, and the electricity demand of the area. In many of our cases, compliance and upfront cost for a sewer connection create a more immediate ROI and in other cases make the investment immediately profitable. All of our customers have experienced uplift and tremendous benefits from water treatment and recycling.

What are TDS, BOD, COD, TSS?
TDS is short for Total Dissolved Solids. It is a measure of the total combined organic and inorganic matter dissolved in a liquid.

BOD is short for Biochemical Oxygen Demand. It is a measure of the amount of dissolved oxygen needed by aerobic biological organisms in a body of water to break down organic material in a given water sample at a given temperature over a specific period of time.

COD is short for Chemical Oxygen Demand. It is a measure of the amount of oxygen needed by aerobic bio-organisms to oxidize all chemical matter in a liquid sample.

TSS is short for Total Suspended Solids. It is the particles in effluent that can be measured to identify the amount of solid loading to sewer. Examples include silt, oil & grease, and decaying plant/animal matter.