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Norchem Corp

Norchem is a clean technology-engineering firm founded in 1978, based out of Los Angeles and servicing nationwide. We specialize in developing green laundry chemical programs, water purification & recycling technologies, industrial software, and custom stainless steel fabrication. Our solutions and services are designed to minimize your environmental footprint, incorporate cutting edge technology, and are built to the highest quality standards. With over 37 years of experience in the chemical and water treatment industry, we pride ourselves on setting a standard for providing the most state-of-the-art solutions for our clients’ needs.

Client Spotlight

wastewater filtration system

New System – Portland, Oregon

Like many other businesses in its area, New System has become subject to rising water, sewer, and gas costs. After evaluating several options, they chose to invest in Norchem’s proven UltraPure technology. New System went with a solution that did more than yield an attractive ROI; it secured them a future in a reality where resources are finite. What was once lost wastewater effluent is now purified recycled filtrate that supplies their production floor. By making the investment in a sustainable solution, New System has supplemented their bottom line by turning sunken costs into profit and mitigating it’s environmental footprint.

✪  Market: Commercial Laundry

✪  Percentage of wastewater treated: 100%

✪  Water Recovery Percentage: 80%

✪  Wastewater Heat Recovery Percentage: 80%

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